DC superheroes join forces in one explosive game


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DC UNCHAINED is a 3D action game where you take on the life of DC superheroes to combat against thousands of enemies whilst you explore any of the many well-populated storylines present in the Marvelverse. Join up with the Justice League lineup including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash, or on the contrary team up with Joker, Harley Quinn and company.

Put simply, system controls in DC UNCHAINED are easy and very well thought out for touchscreens. On the left of your screen you'll find a virtual crosspad to head left or right, on the other side, there are action buttons to handle other special moves. Plus (as is standard) within these games you'll find there is an auto-mode that you can activate at any time.

Between one quest and another, players unlock new characters to customize their teams. All in all, you can choose three different groups of characters: first, one comprising good guys, the second lead by good guys gone rogue, or just your any of your favorite run-of-the-mill supervillains. Finally your third option is to create an alliance between both forces of good and evil. Regardless, each of these teams participates in a variety of quest modes.

Once you get to level five, what happens next is that after a number of quests you'll face head to head combat in battle mode. Meaning you face off against other online players in epic battles between iconic superheroes.

DC UNCHAINED is a spectacular action game. Truth be told, it's steadily making its way to become one of the most visually engaging names on Android, with dynamic, live gameplay to boot. All in all, it's no small wonder this game is so good, particularly if you're a fan of characters like Joker, Wonder Woman, SuperMan, Artemis, Batman and Harley Quinn—to name a few.
By Erika Okumura
The closed beta for DC Unchained is now available on Android

The latest title staring the heroes from the 'distinguished competition' is now available. DC Unchained is an ARPG that bears many similarities to Marvel Future Fight, to draw a direct comparison. The game, endorsed by Warner Studios and developed by 4:33 Creative Lab (Battle of Arrow, Mafia Revenge, Seven Guardians...), has just entered closed beta on Android, available from the 10th to the 17th of January, and can be installed using the APK. The official launch of the app is slated for March.
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Android 4.1 or higher required